Healthcare; Signing up is not as bad as you may think.

Healthcare; Signing up is not as bad as you may think.

It is said that the more you hear something, the more you tend to believe that what you hear is the truth. In a recent interview with channel 8 News, I was invited to speak on behalf of The Community Health Alliance and my experience of the Healthcare enrollment process. In the past six months, I was worried that signing up for the Affordable Healthcare Act would be my worst nightmare. Instead, I found that signing up was easier than any other government agency, and I found myself signed up and ready within 30 minutes. With the assistance from the Nevada Health Link and the Community Health Alliance, all of my questions regarding personalized healthcare were answered and I left feeling comfortable and with a piece of mind.

The simple fact is that most Americans or at least a large percentage of people have been misinformed. Since the Healthcare Initiative was approved by Congress, there has been a strong resentment toward the Healthcare Act, (Obama Care), which has had a strong negative effect that has invited misinformation by Conservative organizations, Media and Congressional Representatives who have opposed the implementation of the Healthcare Act itself.  With so many outlets of misinformation many people are lead to believe that signing up will be something that will cause reputable harm toward personal healthcare.

The misconception is not necessarily to blame solely on the misinformed, but rather the initiatives own advertizing and facts related to the Healthcare Act itself.  There are literally thousands of social media outlets, advertizing formats and websites that could have been the link missing from the implementation of the Healthcare initiative.  For every 100 negative stories or misinformed media about Obamacare, only a fraction of facts and positive stories regarding the initiative have been advertized, which unfortunately has tipped the scales in favor for those seeking to misinform the public.

I am not certain who is responsible for the advertizing campaign in regards to the Healthcare Act, but I most certainly want to know why the lack of factual information and positive portrayal of the initiative is not being advertized successfully. I would also ask why the same person or organization is still employed as the advertizing agent.     

As with any new federally sponsored agency or initiative it takes time to develop; Social Security, the food stamp program, unemployment and Medicare all took time to develop and none of which were very successful when they were first enacted. After years of implementation of these programs, they still are not 100% satisfactory with 100% of the public either, but are there any programs that are run by the state or are federally funded which are 100% effective? (I think not).  

 I am not certain where the Healthcare program will become an overwhelming success, or if it will be successful at all, but I know that this is just the beginning of something that I hope will lead to a better system of medical care for all Americans. The fact that over 47% of all Americans have little or no healthcare is not being responsible for our citizens and leaving the way medical care was prior to this initiative is simply inhumane for the millions without any healthcare at all.    


Chadwick Buchanan